The Nigunim Laad is a coalition of musicians and music fans united by their love to Jewish Art Music.

...And now [Jewish] nation ... not only can but must speak to the world in a musical language of its own." Leonid Sabaneev (1924)

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Nigunim La-Ad

«Nigunim La-Ad» (Jewish Tunes Forever) is а not-for-profit organization involved with re-establishing the heritage of the St. Petersburg Society for Jewish Folk Music and Moscow Society of Jewish Music (OENM/OEM), as a pivotal part of modern Art Music, both Jewish and Israeli. We see our mission as complementing efforts by Pro Musica Hebraica, The Milken Archive of Jewish Music, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, The Joseph Achron Society, The Music Center of The National Library of Israel, The American Society for Jewish Music, The Levinski Colledge of Education.

To be appreciated in the world, this heritage must be exposed, appreciated by the public, became available and introduced. Only loving touch of musicians can wake up the “sleeping princess of Jewish Music”, to turn a cultural artefact into Music! We revive the selected music gems, often starting from scratch, since many works were never performed! Since 2008 we organize concerts, concert-lectures and festivals, typically six-ten events per year across Israel. In 2017 we started (hopefully!) annual Engel Festival Jewish Art Music with six concerts that took place in 2018.

Our collection (Jewish Art Music Library) of sheet music and audio/video titles (including our own concert and studio recordings), is currently accounting for a few hundreds scores (out of more than thousand known titles) and is available for the beta-testing. The collection needs to be extended by locating and including yet missed scores of OENM/OEM composers, as well as music of both their followers and opponents (in Israel, Russia, USA and elsewhere), further classified, annotated, and supplemented by examples. We are seeking funds for further development of our collection into truly comprehensive representation of modern Jewish Music, freely available to musicians, educators and researchers.

Taking into account the peculiarity of the material, the maintaining the scores collection should be supplemented by promotional activities, focused on the facilitating performances, public education, information and publishing. We collaborate with Ron-Shulamith Conservatory on representing OENM/OEM composers in educational curriculum using music samples, lectures on music history, performing and seek to extend this experience into other music schools and conservatories. We plan to prepare and publish selections and textbooks of vocal, chamber ensemble and instrumental music for music school and musicians.

Please don't hesitate to contact us, if you want to be a part of or support our activities.

David Ben-Gershon

From the 1st Engel Festival of Jewish Art Music