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...And now [Jewish] nation ... not only can but must speak to the world in a musical language of its own." Leonid Sabaneev (1924)

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Rita Flomenboim


Rita Flomenboim

Occupation: Musicologist and music theoretician

Dr. Rita Flomenboim, musicologist and music theoretician was born in Chernovitz, USSR. She graduated from the Musicesku Academy in Kishinev and later became a faculty member. From 1974 Rita Flomenboim lives in Israel. She is a faculty member of the Samuel Rubin Academy of Music and Department of Musicology at the Tel Aviv University, as well as at Levinsky College (Institute for Music Education). In 1983 she received her Ph.D. from the Bar Ilan University for the research of Jewish Art Music. She participated in various conferences and congresses on Jewish Music.